truebloodIn the countryside if you don’t drink heavily, kill stuff or get involved in community life (i.e. going to the pub a lot or hunting – oh…?)then after a long day negotiating, wrestling and blackmailing our children to do simple things (eat, get dressed etc) we like to relax (indeed, chillax…)and watch a DVD or two.

Current flavour of the month is Trueblood, which we have just finished. Trueblood is set in Louisiana at a time when vampires are opening accepted into mainstream society. Trueblood itself is a synthetic blood developed by humans to slake the thirst of vampires thus enabling them to ‘mainstream.’

Anyway, it’s great for a couple of reasons:

  1. Vampire blood is a drug itself, called ‘V’ and is like a cross between heroin and LSD. Humans are not happy about it and neither are vampires and it is (obviously) tricky to get hold of and ludicrously expensive.
  2. Trueblood comes in flavours (A positive, B negative etc) and is best served at body temperature…
  3. Vampires regard crosses as geometry and nothing more…

That’s three reasons, but who’s counting? Anyway, it’s a super awesome series from Alan Ball, the writer of Six Feet Under. He hasn’t lost it. Oh, no.


5 thoughts on “Trueblood

  1. My DOP Amy Vincent shot a couple of them. She took her niece Kansas along to the set. Kansas is only fourteen. I imagine it was quite an education for the girl.
    I have to say, I found it entertaining but a little bit of a disappointment. Not quite intelligent enough and a missed opportunity, given the great concept. But since I stopped having the ability to develop (let alone maintain) an erection without help from the NHS, whenever I see sex scenes in TV shows now I automatically realise that the producers are aiming at a younger audience.
    Isn’t it a pity we can’t make good TV shows here any more?

    1. It was intelligent enough for me, maybe I’m getting stupider as I age or less discriminating about what I watch…

      The reason we (the Bristish) cannot make decent TV shows anymore is because most people want escapism and most British TV is so rooted in the kitchen sink dramas of the 70s that the audience don’t get escapism, they get realism. Do I want to watch a depressing series set in a council estate near Slough or cool, good looking vampires in America? Simple choice, innit?

      1. There are a finite number of answers to your “am I intelligent enough” question and I feel it would not be helpful for me to comment. Perhaps I am just saddened by watching youngsters copulate on film? Unless I am directing of course.
        As I am finding out, it’s very difficult to get anything made in this country that wasn’t written by Bronte or features some depressed, ugly, unshaven scruffbag from a council estate who has made his own daughter pregnant.
        If you were a British screenwriter, director, producer (or for that matter, actor) and didn’t want to emigrate to LA what would you do? Produce a load of scripts about some daft twat and his kestrell or a script so interesting and entertaining (like True Blood, Six Feet Under, Flashforward, ER, Soprano’s etc) that it sells worldwide and is watched by millions?
        Sadly, the amazing answer is write a script about the depressed young boy and his kestrel/afghani lover/recently made redundant dad, as this is the only way you will ever get to see your stuff made.

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