maisyDD loves Maisy. DS loves Maisy. I love Maisy – I like the drawings, the stories are okay (it’s never going to be The Matrix, is it?), I love all the merchandising and I love the animated series as well. But I have a few issues with Maisy  – I know that’s it’s totally stupid to over-analyze a children’s book character and pick apart the Maisy universe like it’s Kant or something…but:

  1. Maisy, proportionately, is a whopper of a mouse. Like scary size. She’s the same size as Eddie. Eddie is an elephant.
  2. I saw an episode where they worked on a farm. Maisy was the head honcho and project manager and doled out the tasks. She put Charlie in charge of the sheep. Charlie is a crocodile. Check his teeth out! They still have blood on them. She may be a big ass mouse, but that’s just asking for trouble. Also, a mouse, crocodile and a squirrel are driving tractors, having lunch and going to the library; but a sheep is a lower life form? That sucks.
  3. Lucy Cousins is obviously a clever lady and must, by now, be a millionaire. She knows what she’s doing. So calling the chick Tallulah, like she is a Vegas go-go dancer, is cheeky. Also, whenever Maisy and her friends play hide and seek, Tallulah is always hiding under the table. Now that is just plain wrong.

Anyway, that’s out of my system.

I do honestly like Maisy and Lucy Cousins is entitled to creative license to do whatever the hell she likes with random, drawn animals. But she’s playing with our minds, and ultimately with my children’s minds and if one of my kids ends up in a bell tower headshotting villagers with a sniper rifle because Charlie told me to do it I will hunt that bitch down and introduce her to a real crocodile with an appetite.

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