S(no!)w Leopard

snowleopard460The nice folks at Apple felt pity on me for supplying me with an iMac made on a Friday afternoon by a couple of drunks, so gave me Snow Leopard (‘the world’s most advanced operating system’) as a token apology. My inner geek went, ‘ker-schwinggg!’ and I installed it after reading about speed improvements and it being a ‘sleek upgrade’ (New York Times) and ‘a software platform for the future’ (business week).

Imagine my flaccid disappointment when I discover that Maya doesn’t work at all and if you run more than two ‘rosetta’ applications at the same time it turns your snappy Intel Mac into a grinding G3 with the S.P.O.D (spinning pizza of death) appearing more than episodes of Top Gear on cable.

This is what I have learnt:

  1. Snow Leopard is all about 64bit processing. I do not have a scooby-doo what that means, but it’s something to do with how applications are written and the chips in the macs. Snow Leopard applications like iTunes, Mail and Safari are now written in 64bit ( somewhere, someone is punching the air at hearing this but I have no clue what kind of sad dweeb that would be…) What this means is that applications that are written to take advantage of 64bit processing run quickly. I can certainly attest to that: Mail is quicker and so is the whole finder.
  2. Unfortunately, Apple forgot to tell anyone about this innovation and so all Adobe software (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects etc) are still in 32bit and if you run more than two the S.P.O.D. appears…a lot. Maya, Cinema 4D – all them lot – don’t run at all. Great.
  3. Apple are running out of cats. We’ve had Panther, Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard and Jaguar. Maybe they’re saving Lion for when OS X is finally finished. Or maybe Lions are perceived as lazy bastards and they don’t want to associate a state of the art operating system with a big cat that sits around licking it’s balls and sitting in the shade all day.

I never thought I’d say this, but Apple are starting to piss me off. I have one grumpy iMac that has had every major component replaced bar the foot and now an operating system that appears irrelevant and inflexible to it’s most important software partners.

Jesus, they design a bloody iPod and turn into Microsoft, what’s that all about?


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