germanLa Famille have just had the pleasure of traveling to Germany for the wedding of one of my best friends to his German fiancé. We decided to leave DD at home because we felt that traveling with a 15mth year old would be too hard on her and probably too hard on us as well. We took DS because he’s a bit older and so a little bit more robust, travel wise. That makes him sound like a Samsonite suitcase. If only.

I think that We’ve sort of figured out how to travel (with kids) now:

  1. Book car parking in advance. We parked in business parking, where our battered (that’s a whole new post) Golf looked like a car-bomb next to all the gleaming BMWs and Audis.
  2. Fly a national carrier. If you fly budget then you get treated cheaply. We flew British Airways and it was nice. You know: free tea and coffee, staff that talk to you without disdain and non-crap uniforms. Oh, and Terminal 5 is awesome, like what airports should be like.
  3. Bring toys. We splashed out on a portable DVD player. Can we afford it? No. Is is worth it? Yes.
  4. One suitcase. Though DW (darling wife) prefers to travel like a Bedouin and owns a handbag the size of a sports holdall.

The wedding was a great success. My friend and his fiancé organised everything themselves and it seemed to work out perfectly. We were transferred from our hotel on a coach to the wedding and then from there we took a boat across the lake that the hotel was on. We then had some drinks and then had the wedding banquet, speeches and dancing.

What was clever is that they thought about the children really carefully so the food for the kids came out first, there were activities that were kid orientated such as lighting lanterns that we had to decorate and add a wish (I wished for contentment) and then float across the lake. They also did a piniata for the kids, which was a great hit.

This was my first trip to Germany, but I hope not my last. The scenery was stunning, the food is fantastic and they have roads you can go as fast as you want on. What more could you ask for?  An RS4 perhaps…


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