Between animating, designing, parenting and blogging I am also moving with my family to Switzerland. This is why I have missed out doing my normal X-Factor post as I have been hurtling around Geneva and the canton of Vaud looking for a place to live.

This has happened to us relatively quickly and so in the space of a couple of weeks, one job offer and a willingness to uproot have changed our lives completely. I feel a little bit like Joe McWhatshisname except that it’s DW who has the X-Factor (being the one that a large multi-national wants to ship halfway across europe…) so I am officially going ‘part-time’; I will still animate some projects, keeping my favourite clients; and will also become a house husband. It’s a life change for all of us, a real adventure, and we are all a bit giddy with excitement.

DW’s sister, husband and two children live there already and they performed the unenviable job of estate agents and chauffeurs to perfection as I gadded about Vaud looking for a new gaff. There is not much to rent in Switzerland mainly because it is a small, paranoid country and the swiss only like to let in a trickle of people; and the people they prefer to let in have oodles of dosh or an intense liking for cheese.

My initial impressions of the Swiss and Switzerland can be summed up thus:

  1. The Alps Anyone who can afford it loves a good ski. The Swiss – a normally reserved and private bunch – use this as an excuse to wear waterproof fancydress and zip down snow covered mountains with the tantalising reward of warm wine and a plate of cheese. The Swiss Alps, however, have made an already expensive activity ferociously so. When the Swiss go to Andorra (as if) they forgo the skis and use Bentleys instead.
  2. Multitools No, I am not referring to JLS but to the Swiss Army Knife. I find Swiss Army Knives annoying because you always break a fingernail trying to get the normal knife out, only to discover that it’s the bloody file…again. The other thing is that I always loose the toothpick. Always.
  3. Toblerone There is an unspoken rule in our house: if you get on a plane, you have to buy a Toblerone. When you actually start to eat one you realise two things. Firstly, they are shaped to make you look like you are eating Lego and secondly it’s not very nice chocolate; like someone left some galaxy to melt in some cat litter.
  4. Cheese When you get your Permit B (which enables to work in Switzerland) you are also given a fondue set. This means that you are now a fully fledged Swiss citizen. All you have to do now is stop smiling and get obsessive about litter

I will update a bit more soon, but at the moment we are rushing around madly trying to get things organised. It’s crazy with a K.*



7 thoughts on “Switzerland

  1. that made me giggle so hard ….. love it .xxxxxxx and good luck with the move. I am trying for Italy myself, one more ozzie summer then I am going try do it.

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