Happy Christmas

View from my office

A really short post to say happy Christmas to all my readers.*

Hope that you have a great day and thank you everyone for reading my blog and commenting. It has been a real pleasure to write and to be read and I will, of course, continue when I am in Switzerland.

I am going to redesign and change the title once we settle down and I have had my first fondue, sucked through an alpine horn, and twiddled my freshly grown mustache (I believe that you have to do all these things to get an internet connection).

* Ha! All 20 of them….


5 thoughts on “Happy Christmas

    I think you’ll be allowed to miss that view, however, I believe that, unlike humour, swiss have plenty of beautiful snowy landscape to spare!
    Cannot wait to see you all

  2. Cor blimey, as they probably don’t say in Switzerland. Are you safely over the other side? Hope you remembered your moon boots. If you can’t find them, they’re either in one of the boxes marked ‘Loft – Crap’, or dangling from last year’s Christmas Tree.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Am the right side of the alps – blimey, it was stressful. Plus, my French ain’t up to much, but it’s improving on a daily basis! Will post more soon – just too hectic for words!

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