CTAS – Addition

As a slight amendment to the previous post, and adding to the driving thing, is another thing annoying about swizzerland; namely indicating. It is a rare sight indeed to see the orange lights blink on in Swizzerland. Round abouts are doubly dangerous because of Priorite a Droit and no one indicates. There must be thousands of converstions going on in Swizzerland just like this:

Swizzer 1: Quest-ce les petit batons aupres le roule de voiture?

Swizzer 2: Je ne c’est pas…Je pense que des une metronome

Swizzer 1: Peut-etre…c’est illuminiere les fleche aussi…Pourquoi?

Swizzer 2: C’est une disco, je pense…[nearly crashes into Audi with ski rack] Allors! Savoir votre direction, tu singe de foi!

Swizzer 1: C’est montre du doigt toi?

Swizzer 2: Votre voiture aime moi…

(okay, all you Frenchies out there – bite a pillow and resist tearing my crappy French apart…)


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