Blogroll Bonanza

After blogging for a while I thought it might be a nice idea to find some new blogs – that I haven’t read before – and mention a few that I have (and still like) and try and do some cross promotional linking. After all, it is hard to get traffic in the blogosphere and this can be, like, a blog chain letter (that makes it sound ominous – I am not going to perform some hoodoo curse on anyone who doesn’t link back to me). Everyone tries Technorati and Digg and all that nonsense but what I want to achieve is to create a little wave effect.

I got the idea off of Who’s The Mummy, who is like a mummy-blogger deathstar and gets 4 million hits a week and doesn’t need any help from me. I asked her how I would go about it…but she didn’t respond so I guess she must be busy or she couldn’t be arsed, so I am going to bodge my own version. I’ve linked to her, so maybe she’ll get a bit of traffic off of me and oust Alpha Mummy, which is what her post is all about, I reckon. Those yummy mummies – they’re well competitive, innit?

Where was I? Oh yeah, new blogs that I have found that I like. I have specifically hunted for these blogs, and read lots of crap and some good stuff, but these are four (why four? I dunno…) that I actually enjoyed:

  1. Slummy Single Mummy There are simply millions of mummy blogs, I read a few and most of them bore me senseless and a lot of them are completely and utterly the same and so bore me senseless. This is one that I found pretty randomly and I like it. It’s well written and funny and she uses pictures. It’s not rocket science, bloggers, use pictures – you’re not writing the history of spark plug production…or maybe you are, but that would be a dull blog. Unless you’re into spark plugs. In which case…I dunno, Halfords: check…it…out
  2. The Left Room This is the blog of Steve Mosby who is a crime writer. I have never heard of him, like, ever – and I like me crimmies, me. I found his site totally randomly and you know what? It’s good. His blog is not about where he is signing his next book or when such-and-such book is going to come out in Urdu. No. He writes about writing, and stuff that has happened to him and random crap that comes into his head. It’s sometimes funny, invariably honest and always interesting.
  3. One Big Yodel I found this after looking around for some expat websites because I wanted to know if there is a different voltage here that in the UK (I know, I am terribly exciting – the answer is: In the UK, because the electricity system is so archaic, voltage varies depending upon the fuse box of your house and what type of cabling you have…so each plug has to have a fuse, which is a bore. In the US and mainland europe the voltage is standardised so the plugs don’t need a fuse because it’s 240v across the board. They think the Brits live in the dark ages…which is quite a good pun for Swizzers. Wouldn’t you love to be sat next to me at a dinner party?) I digress. Her sight popped up on my search and she writes really well. She is a writer, so she should, I hear you say; but you would be surprised at how many professional writers write prose that make you want to shoot yourself in the neck. She’s not one of them…and she uses pictures…and she’s funny. She uses Blogger but hey, no one’s perfect.
  4. The Geek Source I found this by tag cloud hunting – again, I apologise for my sadness – and this site came up. I don’t think this dude  has a definite theme yet (though I’d like him to write more about tech as he writes funny tech)  as he has just started but he writes well, he is funny and honest and I always finish his posts. He needs to use more pictures and truncate his posts (he’ll burn out too soon, and that’s no good) but he’s a hell of a lot better than 95% of bloggers out there.

So, those are the new ones that I have found. My favourites – the blogs that I visit regularly  – are, in no real order:

  1. Angels and Urchins This is a good, honest site about parenting and I really like it. Not too wordy, not too wanky, not too yummy-mummy. They reply to every comment and it’s funny. I’ve stopped, pretty much, reading other mummy blogs as most of them don’t have ‘men who are the primary carers’ on their event horizon. They’re soooo nineteen ’50’s, man.
  2. Pour Some Gravy on Me I visit here every day as well. The author always writes funny posts and some are so downright random and mundane that I think that he should maybe concentrate on them a bit more. His book, television and comedy reviews are top notch too. Funny, insightful and honest. What a blog should be…for me, anyway. Quirky Podcast as well.
  3. Radical Blues I have never really been able to follow politics; mainly because – as an industry – it seems to be entirely populated by lying, cheating, power hungry, money grabbing narcissists with delusions of grandeur and contempt for anyone who isn’t rich or a head of state. A bit like Premiership footballers, then, but without the fitness and trophy wives. Radical Blues sees politicians for what they are (see above) and looks at the issues from a definite left-of-centre slant. Great links on the site too.
  4. Technology Timesonline I know that this is a mainstream publication, but I visit here everyday, so I feel I have to include it. What I like about The Times tech section is that firstly they are very fast to report news and secondly they have an opinion. Radical! Sometimes their opinion is way off the general zeitgeist and all the better for it, I say. The Guardian, by comparison, are like fully pensioned-up employees of Apple and Apple could release iTurd and The Guardian would be writing eulogising articles about how the future of shite has been re-shaped by Apple again, because they are so fantastic. Like, the best company ever. You know what? If it weren’t for Charlie Brooker, I wouldn’t read the Guardian anymore. Which leads me to…
  5. Charlie Brooker I have fallen out with the Guardian of late as I think that it has slowly transformed into a turtle-neck wearing, peering-over-your-newspaper-at-contempt hater of the hoi polloi that uses the all enveloping romper-suit of irony to poke fun at anything and anyone it considers unworthy of it’s cultural pedestal. I imagine the journos at The Guardian drinking lattes made from fairtrade, mongolian coffee beans, smoking cherroots and listening to Lady Gaga with knowing smiles and exaggerated winks. The wankers. Anyway, I now rarely read the Guardian anymore, but I subscribe to Charlie Brooker’s blogs and comment pieces because CHARLIE BROOKER IS GOD. I also recommend you check out the late Steven Wells’ pieces, another legend of opinion.

That’s that. Gawd help me, this took a while to write and has been in draft form for longer than I care to admit. So, I hope it brings some joy to…someone.


16 thoughts on “Blogroll Bonanza

  1. I didn’t think I’d formed a mental picture, but your portrait is nothing how I imagined you. Kind of Laurence Lewellyn Bowen meets worried dad examining his nursery rhyme score, and wondering if he was out of key. But goodness, thank you very much. A blogroll bonanza is a very nice idea, as is the description of the ‘deathstar of mummy bloggers’. It’s the beginning of a film, I tell you, and can I option the rights? Thank you, thank you for a blushmaking introduction. And I’m off to explore those new blogs. Breakfast cereal for tea, boys?

    1. I thought I looked like The Grouch from Seasame Street (still an utterly awesome programme – BTW I met Jerry Nelson once (the guy who voices Count Von Count); bit of a fisherman’s tale, I’m afraid…). I haven’t me LLB but know someone who has who said that he was a real laugh and very professional.

    1. Maybe we should organise another blogroll bonanza and drum up some more traffic. I ended up getting a few extra subscribers and finding some really interesting websites.

      Also, let’s swap links.

  2. good idea. I did have a ‘blog of the month’ feature, but it was peppered with general malaise and apathy and only featured Sherby’s blog and Luther’s. Have a look on my blogroll, there’s some great blogs on there.

  3. This is a great idea for a post, and I would have enjoyed it even if I hadn’t got a plug! I think I will have to try a version of this of my own to keep the goodwill flowing around the blogoverse.

    I’ve dried up a bit in checking out other people’s blog lately, mainly cos I’ve spent so much time doing my own. It’s definitely a good thing to check out what other people are doing. Especially as there’s actually so much good stuff to read. Maybe we should form some kind of bloggers union. I don’t really know what it would entail as the idea just popped off the top of my head. We could perhaps create a ‘meta-blog’ where we’re all allowed to sell our metaphorical wares.

  4. I like the idea of a blogger’s union – would we have to stand around burning oil cans shouting, ‘scab!’ every now and again?

    I think the idea of collecting together a small, ragtag group of blogging libertines to form our own rival to Technorati… How do we go about this? Can we use a WordPress theme to do this?

    1. To be fair, I did come up with the idea without thinking it through! I think you can set up a blog on WordPress with multiple authors so that anyone who joins the ‘union’ is just allowed to update the blog. Or something like that?

  5. You do that! It would be an interesting experiment to get several bloggers together to see what happened. We could become like a modern day masons and blackball new bloggers from joining our ranks. I’m getting excited by just thinking about all that power.

    (Seriously though, it would be an interesting thing to try.)

  6. What do you reckon? Set up a blog, with multiple authors and then when you do a new post on your own site we copy it to the newsletter site? Plus new blogs that we find that are good?

  7. Yeah, it sounds like a plan. Hopefully we will attract more like minded bloggers if they like what we’re doing. It will certainly be an interesting experiment if nothing else! It would be good if we made sure to mention other blogs that we liked too, it’s cool to keep the blogoverse going.

      1. Agreed, Blogger is rubbish. Plus I think that you can just use the same WordPress usernames that we’ve already got which will make things easier.

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