And the winner is…

Daddacool – by virtue of the fact that he was the only entry (Dawn could have won as well if she hadn’t already owned the book…) which makes me feel ever so popular and ever so well read. I know I didn’t put a time limit on it – but, c’mon! It’s the new year and I am done waiting. So, well done Daddacool, I shall be sending you your book soon.



5 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. You shouldn’t have said what you’d do, as it kinda locked out those options to other potential zombie apocalypse survivors.
    Personally I’d sellotape 20 or so cats to me with their claws out, like a zombie shredding forcefield suit. It’d be freakin’ awesome. I figure cats don’t like zombies. It’d be an arse if after all the cat catching and attaching, it turned out they don’t want to scratch the undead.

    1. I can just see you with 20 sleeping cats hanging off you like an overcoat. The problem is if one of the cats got bitten would it turn into a z0mbie cat? That would make your coat-of-cats a little more interesting…

      I think I kind of made a mess of my first competition…

      1. There’s no point in elaborate escape plans/cat suits. It’s entirely hopeless. Shoot yourself and your loved ones before you have to watch them become zombie chow themselves.

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