My favouritest Logos, ever.

I did a post a while back about the year in branding and ended up having a little discussion – in my comments section –  about logos in general.

I don’t want to roll out a bunch of logos here that are iconic and timeless…because most of them are iconic and timeless because they have been around for so long that they are imprinted upon our frontal cortex or sealed within our reptilian brains like breathing or the ability to whistle (Coca-Cola, Ford, BMW); or are symbols of such large and/or powerful corporations you would have had to have lived in the deepest recesses of the Amazon rain forest to not know them (Google, Nike, Apple, Facebook).

I am not saying that the branding these companies have is in any way bad, but more that they are beyond analysis because of their ubiquity. Nike’s logo is so good that they don’t even have to use the word Nike underneath. You could write ‘I love pepsi’ with the Coca-Cola font and you would still read Coca-Cola. If you draw a giant M with a yellow crayon most children will say: ‘McDonalds!’ It’s depressing how Pavlovian it is, but there you go. They wouldn’t pay design consultants gazillions to design them if they weren’t so effective.

Recently, the cola recipe was released (you can find it here – and you can make it if you can be arsed. Though it might be easier to just buy a can of coke. After all – it’s cheaper than bottled water!) and people did a blind test of coke made from the recipe and coke from a can. The majority preferred the coke from the recipe. However, stick it in a coke can and: viola! Everyone prefers coke. Power of branding.

Anyhow, what I am talking about are clever designs that I look at and go ahh! or boo-yah!! – clever, fun – you know?

They make 31 flavours. Simple.
Not much needs to be written about this. So simple.
The logo uses every letter from the company's name in the logo. Cute.
Toblerone is made in Bern. Bern is famous for bears, I never, ever spotted the bear in the mountain before.
Did the designer create an amazing logo or did the golf club change their name?
The blobby shapes are the historical boundaries of London. Genius!
Says 'The Mill' and looks like a mill and is dead clever. Job done.
It's not the shape that I love (though great) it's the tracing the line of a conductor's baton...
Whoever designed this (300 Million) must have felt pretty darn smug afterwards. Perfect.
Once you see the arrow between the E and the X you just cannot un-see it. Clever and brilliant.
A simple idea beautifully executed with a double Darwinian meaning...awe...some.
I love this logo. The alien blue dot says as much as needs to be said about it...
Just look at it! It's so simple that I would have retired after designing it - everything after would be a failure...
Aw man! The N and W are combined AND the little triangle (of the W) points...Northwest. Favourite. Logo. Ever.

14 thoughts on “My favouritest Logos, ever.

  1. Follow the bear! Genius. I am now going to wow people with my Toblerone knowledge. Almost as good as my lighting Amaretto wrapper trick. Do you know that one? It’s not a logo, but it’s a great trick.

    I don’t like the Baskin Robbins logo though. It doesn’t say ‘yum’, it says ‘grim American mall filled with fake flavours, strip lighting and sneaker wearing teenagers’.

    And I can’t see the arrow in Fedex! I now feel like I did trying to spot the hidden image hidden in those spot pictures that were all the rage in the 90s. Maybe you’re too young to remember those…?

  2. This is such a brilliant and amazing post and you taught me LOADS of things I didn’t know.
    Never seen that bear
    Fedex arrow – genius
    First time I have ever seen the spoon
    Toyota – just marvellous
    LSO – there is nothing more I can say

    Thanks for making me smile, and amazed and now full of new pub quiz knowledge

    1. Glad you likey, oh new visitor to MrShev’s Blog. I shall be posting another post (soon – I promise) on amazingly awesome photographs that I have found on t’internet.

  3. ‘I love pepsi’ in Coke font, amazing and prolly very true. Please mock that up!
    Toberlone, again, genius.
    TAM on Coke recipe, top episode.

    Plus, I’ve just been told to look at the lion on the Tate and Lyle Golden Syrup can. A really lovely emblem. Although someone just told me that the lion was dead and those bees were circling flies.

      1. Read the text: Out of the strong came forth Sweetness is a quote from the book of Isaiah in the Bible and refers to the sweet honey the bees produce coming from the strong lion. If you look at Tate & Lyle website you can find more details in the story of the two men who founded the company well over a century ago.

  4. People probably like the recipe Coke better than the canned because the recipe calls for sugar and the canned stuff (in the US anyhow) uses corn sweetener, which gives it a flat, too-sweet taste.

    1. You’re right, of course. I always preferred flat cola anyway. It’s kind of like my attitude towards carbonated water – why spoil something so nice and pup bubbles in it?

      Pepsi, though, is way sweeter – or is that my imagination?

  5. I suppose there’s a danger of some of these logos being too subtle by half for my feeble little brain, but I particularly love the fact that I’ve been looking at the Toyota, Toblerone and FedEx logos for years and never seen the hidden subtlety. The lesser-known ones are just as great, though.

    Thanks for sharing these, Shev. Brilliant stuff!

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