Zizoo: Still Missing

Reports just in confirm that the search for the comfort toy – affectionately know as ‘zizoo’ – are still under way. After a frantic effort last night the search was called off as the light faded but began again at dawn this morning. The authorities are still hopeful of finding Zizoo but are aware that the first 24 hours – the so called ‘magic day’ – are swiftly drawing to a close and as this period diminishes so does hope of a happy outcome.

‘We have spoken to everyone who knows Zizoo and followed up all the leads from those interviews,’ said MrShev, chief investigator, ‘but so far none of these have resulted in any fresh information.’

Searchers were seen late last night searching the area know as The Sofa Area and after looking under every cushion, looking under the coffee table and searching the immediate vicinity they came out empty handed. There was also extensive searches of all the bathrooms and the hallway – a known haunt of Zizoo – but these have proved to be fruitless. It is widely believed that the search cordon has been widened to include Mummy and Daddy’s room and Darling Son’s room and searches of these areas have begun in earnest today.

There have also been rumours that there has been an extensive search of The Princess Castle that is located in Darling Daughter’s room, a notorious hotspot frequented by naked babies, Barbies and the gang known as ‘The Happy Land People.’ There are also unconfirmed reports that the M.I.A soldier known as ‘Action Man‘ is hidden within the thin walls of the castles and that he is also believed to be naked. MrShev, though, refused to be drawn on the rumours about the Princess Castle; ‘I have visited the Princess Castle many times. Indeed, I have been in it,’ he said, ‘we haves searched within it and questioned it’s inhabitants but even though we shook down Barbie and the HLG’s [Happy Land Gang] pretty hard there was no mention of Zizoo.’ Asked about the location of Action Man, he said: ‘That is a separate and on-going investigation that is in no way connected to the hunt for Zizoo.’

MrsShev, fellow chief investigator, denied that the search was being scaled down, ‘we have extended the search area to include the car and all coat pockets.’ Asked what the next stage in the search would be, she said, ‘we have considered bringing in sniffer dogs but it was concluded that Zizoo was smelly enough that dogs wonldn’t be needed.’

A further development that has come to light is alleged abuse of Zizoo by Darling Daughter. MrShev refused to be drawn on the matter but a un-named source, but bears an uncanny resemblance to her brother, said this: ‘she is always throwing him, biting him and wiping food on him – she even burnt him on a candle and cut him with scissors.’

‘The most important issue at the moment is that Zizoo must be found,’ said MrShev, ‘the alleged accusations of abuse are something we’ll deal with when the time is right. The most important thing for now is for us to continue our work and not give up hope.’

The search continues.


6 thoughts on “Zizoo: Still Missing

  1. You have our deepest sympathies. We lost Colourful Bullerful a few years back and it cast a long shadow over the whole Christmas holiday. We lost Barney on a trip to America also, but fortunately America is full of Barney’s and we were able to pull off a Blue Peter style deception of epic proportions.

  2. I had indeed noticed an imposter while Darling Niece was “en visite”, closely resembling Zizoo but much less smelly and a delightful shade of pink.

  3. Oh dear, and after the lengthy Zizoo rescue you undertook when we last saw you! Have in the past found ‘Bunny’ wedged under the mattress of her owners bed, and a month ago found ‘Hong Kong’ (small plastic soldier with his “name” emblazoned on his foot stand bit) under Mum and Dad’s bed after being missing for about 18 months and extensive searching. Must have been on a special mission……. Bon chance!

  4. OMG!!! How can DD live without Zizoo? Am most concerned, as always believed his smell and softness were the 2 attributes which made Z impossible to lose let alone to replace.
    Otherwise, great reporting of events.

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